How to LuLu

LuLu Boutique & Gifterie pays cash for your clothes. Here’s how it works.

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Rule #1: LuLu Rules!

While we review and examine your clothes you will have the chance to see how much we rule for yourself! Look around, browse and peruse our awesome finds. LuLu’s consignment inventory changes daily, so we will always have something rad to choose from. Plus, it allows us to focus on evaluating your stuff. You’re happy! LuLu is happy! Everyone wins!
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Rule #2: You Rule!

We love getting to know our customers. We have met and be-friended so many people since opening our shop and we love the feeling of community it creates. So if you are a first time consignor, we ask that you provide your name, address, phone number and email. Doing so allows us to buy in confidence, and also allows us to keep you posted on all of our sales, events, updates and…parties! (We LOVE to throw parties!)
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Rule #3: Your Wardrobe Rules!

LuLu will buy your lightly worn clothing, shoes, purses and jewelry. Our criteria is as follows: your clothing has to be cute and interesting!

No stains.No holes.No pulls or tears.No broken or missing components.No smells.No wrinkles.

We accept any brand name or label as long as it is cute, trendy, hip, and clean. Please DO NOT bring us pajamas, work out gear, lingerie, gardening clothes, etc. We want you to be out in the world looking fabulous, feisty and fun; therefore, we are not looking for your office or work wear. LuLu represents what you would wear for cocktails with your girlfriends, not reviewing spreadsheets with your boss.
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Rule #4: Our Prices Rule!

90% of LuLu’s consigned clothing collection is priced under $20. We want you to look awesome and your wallet to look full. Each item you bring in will be assessed based on brand, condition, style and if it works well with the shops current inventory. Typically, you can expect the following for your items, but keep in mind, these are just guidelines, there are always exceptions:

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Rule #5: Cash In Your Wallet Rules!

We will determine which items we want, make you an offer, and pay you cash! That’s right. Cash. Bring your consignment clothing in any time Sunday thru Thursday (except Monday) and we’ll go through it with in an hour or so of your arrival. Please do not bring clothing on Friday or Saturday as things tend to get busy around the shop and it’s hard for us to give you our undivided attention.

For more info about consigning your clothes at Lulu check out this Handy Dandy Consignment Checklist