LuLu Boutique’s Handy Dandy Consignment Checklist

Thinking about bringing some clothes to consign at LuLu? Answer these questions to help us weed out any stragglers and get to the good stuff!

[list style=”check”]
  • Are all your clothes in “like new” condition?
  • Are all the original manufacturer labels still attached?
  • Are all your clothes currently in season?
  • Do your clothes have any stains, spots, smudges or smells, particularly bad ones?
  • Are there any rips, tears, pulls, pilling, snags, frays or blown hems?
  • How about buttons? Are they all present on your shirts, pants and dresses?
  • Did you empty your pockets of everything except for your loose change?
  • Do you have pets? Is all their hair on your clothing? No? We’ll take it!
  • Are your shoes scuff and dirt free? Are they not athletic shoes?
  • Is LuLu in need of your stuff?
[/list] That last one is super important. We will only accept what is going to sell in the shop. Please don’t be sad if we don’t take your stuff. We mean no offense, we just know what our customers are looking for and strive to keep our inventory fresh.

LuLu loves Phoenixville and will donate any clothing that doesn’t fit the bill to our local shelters and charities.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us or give us a call at 610-933-1852.