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Forget Gangnam Style, Im Talkin’ About Downton style!

It’s been 2 years since Downton Abbey first aired. And for two years I’ve heard of awards being won. I’ve listened to friends and family members rave. I’ve read Facebook posts from friends that make it out to be some kind of life changer…”Oh Downton Abbey, you kill me!”…”Oh, Downton Abbey, how will I make it til January?!” Our own first lady was so anxious for the third season that she had PBS send it to her in November. My thought was always: “it’s British, boring, bullsh*t on Masterpiece theatre. Get over it.”

Then there came a day. Actually, a night. My son was sleeping, my husband was out drinking, and there was nothing on our antenna driven digital cable. (We’re super progressive, I know.) So I’m flipping through Netflix and there it is. Downton Abbey, Season 1. F*ck it.

But this is not a post about how great Downton Abbey is. Although, it is great, and subtle as it draws you into it’s story like some kinda’ black hole of British boring bullsh*t. I’m kinda wishing I had the pull of Michele Obama right now.

What this post is about is the CLOTHES! Oh my god. The dresses. The headpieces. The jewelry. And the hats…THE HATS! I want to throw Downton garden parties, I wanna re-do my wedding Downton style. I wanna party like it’s 1912. But in all seriousness, why not? All you need to do is stop into LuLu (or your local vintage shop if you aren’t close to Phoenixville, PA) and find pieces that have that touch of post-Edwardian charm. Mix some military with some lace. Add a brooch to your favorite black cardigan. Better yet, add two. Wear a straw hat with a big black velvet ribbon. Wear a ruffle sleeved blouse with your skinny jeans and riding boots. Oopa Downton Style.

Here are some brilliant Downton inspired styles outfitted by Lulu Boutique & Gifterie:

[info]Lulu Boutique Vintage Hat

Season one concludes with a garden party at Downton, which this vintage straw hat is perfect for. Its charming double bow pairs perfectly with a BCBG ruffled sleeve tank, a floor length pinstripe circle skirt, and an elegant cloisonne pendant on silk cording. Some nude flats keep it all looking casual and chic. Matthew Crawley will be yours in no time![/info]


Season two is drenched in everything World War I. Even the styles of the time adapted to have a more uniform feel. This military style jacket still feels feminine because of its 3/4 sleeve and its lacy fabric. Not to mention that it’s pink! Go for military on military with the detailed t-shirt, and finish it off with a tassel inspired delicate necklace in blush. This would go perfectly with a full skirt in a small floral pattern, and some strappy flat sandals.[/info]

[info]Lulu Boutique Vintage Necklace

Why not mix up season one and two by doing a little military with a little garden party. Take the same military inspired t-shirt, which has a cute little ruffle at the sleeve, and add to the cuteness with a larger brimmed vintage straw hat. The black bow is really enough of a focal piece, but why not go a little overboard with an asymmetrical beaded necklace with a stylized mother-of-pearl pendant. Black cigarette pants would allow the room for some bright espadrilles to tie off around your ankle.[/info]

[info]Lulu Boutique Vintage Coat

Even those English winter blues can be beat with a tapestry inspired fur collared coat. This one feels a little modern because of its dusty rose coloring, but is still neutral enough to go with anything. Throw your hair into a loose low pony, pull a stunning vintage velvet hat over your ears, and you are ready for an early morning stroll to brunch. Don’t forget an art-deco style rhinestone brooch for your hat…come on, even brunch is an occasion at Downton Abbey![/info]

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